LET'S JUST WAIT AND KEEP THE FAITH 。don’t follow me. i’m just as lost. 。



Dear DBSK, 
I would just like to say, thank you. Thank you for all the precious memories you give me. It’s a funny thing I do not even remember how I got in this fandom, it’s just as if I have always been here. Everyone always said loving you would be easy but I find it pretty damn hard. You make me smile till my jaw aches, laugh till I lose my breath, and cry until I can’t anymore. I have seen you at your lowest, I have watched you grow faster than you should have, and I have seen you reach heights no one else ever will. People doubted you said you couldn’t make it, but you fought and you fought to make it and you did. You have no idea how proud you have made me, how happy you make me. When you split it hurt so much but I have full confidence that one day you will be reunited.
 So for now I will wait until your ready. With open arms and an open heart. I just want you to be happy. Please be happy, for me. You deserve it, no dammit you earned it. I love you! Thank you for making my days a little brighter.
 your ever loving fan.